#2 Matt Does Fitness

Time: 4:29 

Matt Does Fitness Suicide Circuit.

The second of our initial duo Matt now had a target set by Mike, check out his video and see how close he came:

It was great having Matt visit us at Promixx HQ, Matt’s as friendly in person as he comes across on his vlogs.

Matt’s content is fun engaging and informative, and he clearly enjoys both training and eating, more so than any suicide circuit 🙂

Matt Does Fitness

Checkout’s Matt Instagram page you’ll see some great progress pics, a lot of food and plenty of training!

Join in the banter on Twitter

And for Matt’s twist on fitness and nutrition subscribe to his channel on YouTube where you’ll see great content including:

  • Spotting a fake natural
  • Dirty bulking 101
  • Full day of eating
  • 100 chicken nuggets

Thanks again Matt!



Matt Does Fitness Promixx Suicide Circuit
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Matt Does Fitness Promixx Suicide Circuit
Watch Matt Does Fitness take on the Promixx Suicide Circuit
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