#1 Mike Thurston

Time: 4:09 

Mike Thurston Suicide Circuit.

Mike and Matt had the unenviable task of being the first 2 to take on the Promixx suicide circuit, and neither one disappointed,

Check out Mikes circuit below:

It was an absolute pleasure to have Mike visit the team at Promixx and set the pace for the Promixx suicide challenge.

Mike Thurston

Mike clearly loves what he does, which was shown, not only throughout the day, but within the content on his ever expanding social media channels.

Checkout Mike’s Instagram page where you’ll see him with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Obi Vincent and 6 time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates, be sure to follow him on Twitter, where even his nipples are giving a Tweet.

And of course, for great video content subscribe to his YouTube channel, some of our favourite videos include:

  • Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram
  • Who should you listen to in the fitness industry
  • Improving Pull up & Chin up Performance
  • My biggest nutritional mistakes

Thanks again Mike!

For more information visit mikethurston



Mike Thurston - Promixx Suicide Circuit
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Mike Thurston - Promixx Suicide Circuit
Watch Mike Thurston set the mark for the Promixx Suicide Circuit
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